Security Fest 2017 CTF: qr code madness

Qr code madness - Misc (200 + 0)
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In the archive is a folder containing 114 very small PNG files of QR codes:

I grabbed zbar from Homebrew to allow for scripted parsing of the QR codes. Each QR code encodes a single ASCII character:

[tkerr@pro qrcodemadness]$ zbarimg --raw --quiet * | tr -d '\n'

OK, looks like base64 (even distribution of lower/uppercase, some numbers, and a few +s and =s), but it’s clearly out of order – the padding chars (==) are mixed in rather than trailing as they should be. Let’s try sorting numerically instead of alphabetically:

[tkerr@pro qrcodemadness]$ ls -1 | sort -n | xargs zbarimg --raw --quiet | tr -d '\n'

Nope. Well, we’re not going to get anywhere by trying random permutations…how else could the files be arranged? Let’s try modification date:

[tkerr@pro qrcodemadness]$ ls -1tr | xargs zbarimg --raw --quiet | tr -d '\n'

OK, looking good. Let’s try decoding:

[tkerr@pro qrcodemadness]$ ls -1tr | xargs zbarimg --raw --quiet | tr -d '\n' | base64 -D
Invalid character in input stream.

Hmm, so it’s the right character set, but the padding’s broken. Removing one = from the end allows decoding, but outputs total garbage. Let’s try just grabbing a chunk from the end and seeing where things start to go wrong:

[tkerr@pro qrcodemadness]$ echo "ZDNfazMzcF9wMHAxbmdfdXB9Cg==" | base64 -D

OK, that’s clearly the end of a flag, so it looks like we just need to start at a specific point midstream. I quickly check what the flag format (SCTF) looks like in base64 (U0NUR), and sure enough that’s present midway through the stream.

Here’s the final one-liner:

[tkerr@pro qrcodemadness]$ ls -1tr | tail -n 56 | xargs zbarimg --raw --quiet | tr -d '\n' | base64 -D

2 thoughts on “Security Fest 2017 CTF: qr code madness

  1. Hello,

    I had found this:



    But I hadn’t thought of doing it the way you did. So I didn’t find the solution.

    Good game

    Best regards

    1. Ne0Lux-C1Ph3r

      2019-09-25 — 07:51

      And yes, I should have compared the two chains to see that the end was the same!!!


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